Book Review: beautiful overcomer

Author: Sherry Lynn

Publisher: SLF Publishing


Back Cover: beautiful overcomer

When life is burning out of control all around you, how do you get through the season of refining? As difficult as it is to believe, when you are in these fiery trials of life, beauty can be birthed from ashes if you adjust your attitude and shift your focus. Maybe your life didn’t turn out like you expected; so what? Does that mean it’s over? You may find yourself lost and overwhelmed with the direction your life has taken, ready to give up rather than continue on, but you can continue on. The events of your past have molded you into a version of you that you no longer recognize. Life has become something to just get through rather than something to be lived with joy. But it’s never too late to create the life you’ve always wanted; never too late to pursue those forgotten dreams; never too late to become the you that you were meant to be. Join Sherry Lynn as she shares what she has learned on her journey towards becoming a beautiful overcomer; these lessons will bolster you along the way as you discover the beauty in the messy ashes of your life, drawing you closer to the Lord in the process. You can overcome, and you can do it beautifully!


Book Review: beautiful overcomer

This is the first book that Sherry Lynn has written and what a wonderful start to her writing career. She wrote in an easy-to-read, transparent and very relatable style.

She begins by sharing her powerful testimony and all the subsequent lessons she’s learned during her journey. The reader can tell that she has a passion for helping others through sharing these valuable lessons. With each chapter, really each page, the reader senses the beaconing of God’s love for the hurting, wounded and broken-hearted.

As a survivor of abuse, she has personal insights into the healing power of God’s love that, I believe, can best be felt in proportion to the pain inflicted by the enemy. Her wounds were deep, raw and painful, making them all the more powerful in testifying of the healing and restorative love of Christ. As a result of all this pain, she shares the healing salve of God’s relentless love—for her and for us too.

The testimonies, at the end of the book, are equally heart-rending. While each person reflected on abuse, pain, or poor decisions, you could sense their joy as you hear the hope in their words—the kind of hope that could only come from our loving Father. One story was especially moving for me, because she reminded me of how abuse can happen even if a hand is never laid on a person—sometimes the wounds others can’t see are the deepest and most painful, but those too are within God’s ability and desire to heal. 


My thoughts about beautiful overcomer

In three words: powerful, encouraging, and hope-filled. I’ve had the blessing of following Sherry on Instagram for some time now. I’ve personally witnessed the mercy, love, grace and encouragement of God flow through her tender heart. So when she shared that she had released her first book, I knew instantly that it was a book I was eager to read. And, I wasn’t disappointed.

We have a real enemy and we are all in a battle—whether we choose to fight or not. In beautiful overcomer, Sherry lays out a battle plan. As a veteran, a survivor of multiple sexual abuses, a survivor of many spiritual battles, a survivor of the Vietnam war, and having lived through the onslaught of an attempted government overthrow in Iran, I understand wars and battles…they’re real and can be deadly. Even if you survive the war, the scars, seen and unseen, can take a long time to heal. Knowing about wars, I know the importance of battle plans. 

No one with the hope of victory plans on being defeated. That just makes sense. No one goes into battle or war without a plan for victory—except perhaps the believer. When was the last time we sat down and made a plan for our spiritual victory? When was the last time we made sure our armor was on before entering the battle for the day? Do we even realize that we are in a daily battle that is not only trying to take our earthly life, but our eternal one as well? There is a huge difference in the plans we make—or fail to make—for our current earthly wars and the plan Sherry lays out in beautiful overcomer.

When our military commanders make their battle plans, it’s always with the hope of victory—that’s the plan. When Sherry shares the battle plan in her book, it’s a plan written from a place of victory. When making battle plans, I know that strategic positioning, attitude and posture makes a huge difference to say the least—it can be the difference between victory and defeat and even life or death. She lays out a plan not only for us to be victorious, but a beautiful overcomer—pointing others straight to Jesus and glorifying God.

I know first hand, after sharing with her a trying battle and decision I was facing, that she is encouraging, eager to help and will pray for you. This kind of friendship and support comes best from fellow “firewalkers” (as Sherry calls us).  I’m so thankful that she listened to the leading of the Holy Spirit and penned the words that I believe will not only encourage others, but will also help them to get set free through the love and finished work of our Lord Jesus.


Would I Recommend beautiful overcomer

Yes. Why? Because there is not a better person to share how to be an overcomer—even in the face of life’s most challenging battles—than a true overcomer. And, while the world can teach anyone how to be an overcomer in three easy steps, Sherry shares how God’s transforming love, through the finished work of our Lord Jesus, makes us a beautiful overcomer—for the world to see and to bring Him the honor and glory He is due.

This book will not only show you how to get through the worst of days with peace and joy that passes all understand, but how to give thanks and praise God during the battle. I believe you too will find your heart is so encouraged by this book that you will want to help others be the beautiful overcomer God has intended for all of us to be.

This is a book for anyone that is ready to fight from a place of victory, rather than simply fighting and hoping for victory. As she reminds us often in the book, we are not only an overcomer, but a beautiful overcomer, thanks to our loving Father and our Lord Jesus.

And finally, while Sherry has no idea that I’ve bought, read, was blessed by and now have reviewed her book, I’m already looking forward to reading her next one.


And, that’s a wrap…beautiful overcomer

I hope you found this review helpful. If so, please share it with your family and friends, so they can learn about this great book too. You can click here or on any image of the book on this page to see it on Amazon. Thanks for taking the time to read this review and God bless!



“Those who have been through the fire recognize fellow firewalkers. These individuals walk out of the fire carrying buckets of hope which are then used to extinguish the flames surrounding their companions who remain in the fire.”

–Sherry Lynn, beautiful overcomer

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