Book Review: A.D. 30

A.D. 30

A.D. 30 by Ted Dekker

Publisher: Center Street



 Book Review: A.D. 30

A.D. 30 is the first book I’ve read by author Ted Dekker. I wasn’t sure what to expect and I was pleasantly surprised. Join me as we take a journey to A.D. 30 and follow the life of one woman that finds herself on her journey to restore honor to her family and people. 

A.D. 30 is about Maviah, an outcast daughter of a powerful Bedouin sheik. Through no fault of her own she is without honor among her own people and family and shrouded in shame. She was born out of wedlock and in their culture this brought more shame to her than the already shameful fact that she was born a female. It was the way of Bedouins she tells us. Ted Dekker is a powerful storyteller. From the very first pages and the first chapter, I was connected to Maviah. The pain and shame she experiences will endear you to her quickly. The very person that shames her asks her to risk her life to save him and her people. In wanting to bring honor to her family and people she is compelled to do what she fears she cannot. The story reaches heartbreaking tragedies early in the story. The depth of evil that Ted Dekker expresses in this book was heart wrenching. From the beginning of the story, you will find this is a hard book to put down.

In A.D. 30, Maviah struggles through the book to live up to a title that she is given but does not feel she is worthy to have. She is given two warriors to help her accomplish her task. This book is filled with deep pains and some triumphant moments. The time she gets to meet Jesus is probably my favorite part of the book. Ted Dekker did a wonderful job weaving in the life of Jesus into Maviah’s journey. It’s a crucial element that allows her to continue on her mission despite her desire to quit.

Like any great story, there were characters like Maviah that I loved and ones, well, not so much. With that said, all the characters served a purpose in A.D. 30 and helped move the story along at an adrenaline-filled pace.

The book is well written and there were times my stomach was in knots, I cried, I smiled, I cried some more and there were times that I wanted to jump out of my seat to cheer Maviah on. When you read those scenes, you’ll know what I mean. If you are tendered hearted this book will tug at your heart from cover to cover. You will find hope, despair, love, hatred and a wide range of emotions in A.D. 30. I believe you will close the book feeling like you need to shake the sands out of your shoes from walking each step of this journey with Maviah.

Would I recommend A.D. 30? Definitely, but be prepared to read things happening to people that will possibly make you sick to your stomach from the sheer evil. I don’t typically likes books or movies with these kinds of scenes, but these are crucial to the story, you will see. If you are looking for a fast-paced, adrenaline-filled, Christian novel with lovable and not-so-lovable character and set in a time period when Jesus walked this earth, I believe you will really enjoy A.D. 30.

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Belief of Yeshua is not belief in Yeshua.

-Stephen (Ted Dekker, A.D. 30)

A.D. 30

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