Book Review: Abaddon Ascending

Title: Abandon Ascending: The Ancient Conspiracy At The Center of CERN’s Most Secretive Mission

Author: Thomas Horn & Josh Peck

Publisher: Defender Publishing



Back Cover: Abaddon Ascending


-Sergio Bertoluccci, Director for Research and Scientific Computing at CERN

CERN is easily one of the most secretive organizations of our times. With controversy and conspiracy theories abounding, it takes specialized researchers to weed through the lies in order to find the truth. But sometimes, truth is stranger–and far –than fiction. This is where internationally celebrated investigative researcher Dr. Thomas R. Horn and Into the Multiverse television host Josh Peck arrive to expose the reality of a plan so nefarious that it involves not only the history of Apollyon-Abaddon, but his near-future fulfillment of biblical prophecy and entrance into the world. Are powerful occultist–from the highest levels of governments, science, and academia to the lowest echelons of modern witchcraft–even now invoking the arrival of this destroyer and his legions from the abyss?!


  • The ancient origin of CERN’s modern-day mission
  • The latest information pertaining to interdimensional portals
  • The real meaning of the bizarre Gotthard Base Tunnel opening ceremony and how it connects to the return of the “old gods”
  • Who the “horned god” is, fertility rites of the triple goddess, and how this connects to CERN
  • CERN’s beastly logo and destroyer god imagery
  • CERN’s role in the formation of a new Babylonian single language system
  • Exactly how the Large Hadron Collider at CERN operates, and what it is trying to find
  • The mind bending reality of quantum field theory
  • Eye-opening interviews with such personalities as Don Page, who works with Dr. Stephen Hawking
  • The doomsday scenario involving the Higgs field that scientists don’t want you to know
  • The future manipulation of human consciousness through an A.I. beast at CERN
  • The connection between Ezekiel’s vision and the locusts of Revelation 9
  • The coming holy war between the Titans and the one, true, living God!


Book Review: Abaddon Ascending

Wow! This book started off by sharing mind-boggling information about pyramids, megaliths, columns and cornerstones, portals, stargates and it’s just got more intriguing from there. There’s also a section on the very telling events that surrounded the, as they said in the book, “deeply disturbing Gotthard Base Tunnel rituals,” and the highly controversial live-stream rite that they performed at their opening ceremony back on June 1st, 2016. They mentioned in the book that it cost Switzerland eight million euros (umm… that’s $9,485,440.00 in our current U.S. dollar currency on one single event in a country that is surround by economic hardship if not impending collapse!!) for this bizarre, twisted and sadistic ceremony. Shut the front door! Are you serious?! I don’t recommend watching the 6 hour, 19 minutes and 50 seconds of utter defilement that they chose to call art, but if you do, you may also be left scratching your head at why a nation would fund such an event…and yet, you probably won’t be too surprised given today’s events. 

The book was such an eye-opener and helps the reader to better understand what we face today, by explaining what today’s events are rooted in.

I would say a good portion of the book is regarding the history and events of CERN. They also kindly dedicated several chapters on the topic of physics, because if we can’t understand physics, we won’t really be able to grasp what CERN is doing. You may be asking yourself why does it matter what CERN is doing… as rightly stated in Abaddon Ascending, what CERN does can have a huge impact and even possibly catastrophic impact on life as we know it. When someone, anyone, decides to play God, the consequences need to be weighed out, if not by those doing the experiments, than at least by the public that could be negatively impacted by their experiments.

Abaddon Ascending is well researched and well written by two authors that know their areas of specialty very well. It has a lot of thought-provoking information and a lot that will leave the reader shaking their head at. On a side note, this book has the potential to instill a lot of fear in the reader as well, but they did an excellent job of balancing this much needed information of today’s world event—and it’s history—with the truth of God’s Word. After reading Abaddon Ascending, you will better understanding the schemes of the enemy through modern science, and how this science can be used to bring in the events of the Book of Revelation to fruition. This book reminds us to not lose hope, knowing that God is indeed in control at all times and He has a plan that the enemy cannot foresee nor can he stop it. Praise God!


My thoughts about Abaddon Ascending

I love science, because the sciences continually points to the truth of God’s existence, His Word, His creation and His control over all that we see going on around us. How? I can’t imagine that God would take so much time to create so much that we can’t see (and many of those things are exceptionally complex) with the naked eye (quarks, particles, quantum fields, DNA strands, cells, etc) and yet, not take more care for us, who are created in His image.

My love of science and God drew me to SkyWatch. If you’ve not had a chance to watch SkyWatch TV (hosted by Derek Gilbert) and shows like SciFriday (hosted by Derek Gilbert and his lovely wife, Sharon) and Into The MultiVerse (hosted by Josh Peck and his lovely wife, Christina), I’d encourage you to check them out. We enjoy these shows because they offer up-to-date information on current events and the various fields of science—thankfully from a Biblical perspective, which is sadly absent from mainstream media today. You can also check out their online store for books like Abaddon Ascending and so many others, as well as MP3 recordings and DVDs.

My love of science is also why I was drawn to this book, but you don’t have to love science or even know much about it, because the way they wrote this book makes it easy—well, at least easier—for anyone to be able to understand the basics enough to be able to grasp what’s happening at CERN and ultimately that’s what is at the heart of this book. This book will educate and inform the science geeks (like me) and the science novice alike.


Would I Recommend Abaddon Ascending

Absolutely and without hesitation. I believe it’s important for us to be aware of the things going on around us as we continue towards the return of our Lord Jesus. How do we effectively fight the enemy, if we don’t know the things he is doing around us? While not impossible, because all things are possible with God, it’s much more difficult. At the very least, it allows us to be more specific in our prayers to thwart the plans of the enemy. Not everyone, understandably will have the time to search these things out, because each of our callings is different, but many of us do have the time. We can be the ones to read the hard work of other people’s research and stand in the gap for the rest in these matters. It also allows us to be additional watchmen on the wall to help alert our fellow brothers and sisters of the things going on in the world, so they too will know and can join us in prayer.

Much is going on at CERN and they are inching ever closer to their goal to reach out to those in other dimensions. Whether this will be accomplished by opening portals, stargates or sending information is yet to be determined, but they, like those of Nimrod’s time building the Tower of Babel, will not rest until they reach their goals or God puts a stop to it. We can continue to believe that all they are doing is smashing particles together to collect data in the hopes of bettering mankind, but we would be foolish to do so, knowing if they are not serving God, they are, by their own public actions showing they are passionately, sincerely and vigilantly serving his fallen angel—Lucifer.

New breakthroughs are happening more frequently with each passing year and I believe as we progress towards the return of Jesus, our Lord and Savior, they will begin to happen even more frequently. So, it is to us, to be more passionate, sincere and vigilant to faithfully be watchful and follow God’s lead as we move forward to the days and times ahead of us. Even if you are like my husband and me and believe in the pre-Tribulation rapture, I promise someone you know will be here to see the events that are sure to unfold in the days ahead, just as God says in the Book of Revelation. And, they will need to know what the days ahead may hold for them. I also believe this book is excellent to help children understand that science and their faith in God never have to be mutually exclusive, but they are very complementary, in that science can always point us to God and His love for us through Christ Jesus. It can also be a great book for the unsaved scientist and for those that have perhaps fallen away from the faith….because the science community has led them to believe that science somehow can prove there is no God, when in actuality, as Abaddon Ascending so wonderfully depicts, science—with all it’s mysteries and complexities that defy our understanding—can only prove that there has to be a God for all this to make sense. It’s far too complex for it to be by mere chance.

Without a doubt, Abaddon Ascending is book that is well researched and written. It contains eye-opening and thought-provoking information about CERN and I believe it won’t disappoint.


And, that’s a wrap…Abaddon Ascending

I hope you found this review helpful. If so, please share it with your family and friends, so they can learn about this great book too. You can click here or on any image of the book on this page to see it on Amazon. Thanks for taking the time to read this review and God bless!



“This book is not to convince you whether the truth is being communicated to the public. It’s not up to us, or anyone else for that matter, to tell you what is reasonable and what isn’t. It is up to each of us, as individuals, to do our own study into all aspects of an issue before drawing conclusions about that issue ourselves. The purpose of this book is to present the information that is out there, including different viewpoints on various aspects of these subjects, and hopefully to provide you with a good head-start toward looking more deeply into these matters. With anything presented in this book, the reader has a personal responsibility to be informed, pray about all matters, and follow the direction God leads.” 

-Tom Horn and Josh Peck, Abaddon Ascending


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