Book Review: A Wreath of Snow

A Wreath of Snow

A Wreath of Snow written by Liz Curtis Higgs and published by WaterBrook Press

In A Wreath of Snow, we find ourselves in Scotland in 1894 with a Victorian setting. The book opens with Margaret Campbell preparing to board a train bound from Edinburg to Stirling. This young independent-minded teacher is headed to a place she longs to go and yet dreads to visit, home. What compels her to go and what causes her to dread being there? One person- her injured and disabled brother, Alan. She is torn between wanting to have compassion for him and the fury of his temperament, which stirs an inner struggle any of us can understand.

Gordon Shaw, a newspaper writer, also has bad memories of this lovely town. There is a tragedy that he’s lived with far too long. His work has taken him back to a town that shame had forced him to flee from12 years ago. Will he ever find the peace that he longs so desperately for?

Woven into the fabric of this book is a gentle Christian message of grace, love, mercy, forgiveness and redemption. This message is a part of what make this story so special. Great hope comes out of people that can lean on God in their darkest times, allowing Him to light their path toward a plan He prepared long before they drew their first sweet breath of life.

Liz does a wonderful job in this book of developing the characters, even to the point that you don’t care for a person that you somehow also feel deep sympathy for. This sweet Novella allows us to travel through pain, shame, hurt, unforgiveness, a longing to be understood, misunderstandings, deception, compassion, gentleness, tenderness, forgiveness, redemption, determination and a commitment to make things right regardless of the cost. I laughed, I cried and I enjoyed the entire journey.

A Wreath of Snow offers deep, well thought out, loveable and lively characters. I found the dialogue engaging; it has great plot twists, a delightful pace, and a captivating atmosphere. I love the cover of this book too, not something I say very often. I found the Author’s Notes to be wonderful and helpful to see how this book came about.

This will be a book that I will read each year for years to come. The only thing that could have made this a better experience for me would have been if the book came with some of the delicious Scottish Shortbread Liz mentions in the book. Yum!

I would recommend this book for anyone that loves Christmas, Christian historical fiction, Scotland, and a Victorian setting. What a delightful book.

Oh, there was one thing I didn’t care for and it’s only fair to mention it before I conclude my review and that is the book had to come to an end. All kidding aside, I would have loved to stay on that train a wee bit longer to see where it stopped next…

I hope you found this review helpful. If so, please share it with your friends, so they can be blessed with this delightful Novella. You can click on the book image to see it on Amazon or to pick up your copy today.


A Wreath of Snow


Happy reading and God bless!


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