Book Review: A.D. 33

A.D. 33

Author: Ted Dekker

Publisher: Center Street



 Back Cover: A.D. 33

They call her the Queen of the Outcasts. Maviah, a woman whose fate was sealed on her birth by this world—unwanted, illegitimate, female, a slave—subject to the whims of all. But then she met a man named Yeshua who opened her eyes. She found strength in his words, peace from the brutal world around her. Because of what he taught her, she has gathered her own traveling kingdom of outcasts deep in the desert, wielding an authority few have seen.

But when her growing power threatens the rulers around her, they set out to crush all she loves, leaving her reeling as a slave once more. She must find Yeshua to save her people, but when she does, she will be horrified to discover that he faces his own death.

Enter a story full of intrigue, heart-wrenching defeat, uncompromising love, and staggering victory—one that reexamines everything you thought you knew about the heart of Jesus’s stunning message and the power that can be found for those who follow his easily forgotten way.


Book Review: A.D. 33

A.D. 33 is Ted Dekker’s powerful sequel to his book A.D. 30. This book was a great follow-up to his first book. I even found myself saying several times, “Well done, Dekker, well done!”

A.D. 33 proved to be just as heart-breaking, filled with just as much action and adventure and intrigue as A.D. 30. Once again, I found that I laughed, cried, gasped, and sat in awe as the story unfolded and I got to see the message and heart of Jesus through these wonderful characters that I’ve grown very fond of. I enjoyed his style of writing in these two books (I’ve not read any of his other books). The way he writes brings you into the story and you will find that you have a hard time putting the book down, especially once you reach chapter twenty-eight. The entire story is gripping, but the story takes a powerful turn around this chapter and I believe you too will find it difficult to put the book down. At the end of the book— don’t worry, no spoilers—I found that I wanted the story to keep going.

The story line was wonderful, the pace was great and the cast of characters will move you. Some characters will capture your heart and others will make you wonder how such evil can exist in a human heart. A.D. 33 will take you on a journey that has you also searching for your identity in Christ. Whether you know exactly who you are in Him or you’re still searching, this book can cause you to take a look at who you think you are in Him and what fruit has come from your identity in and through Him.

I believe anyone that enjoys action, love, adventure, hope, suspense, courage, faith and the story of Jesus will enjoy this book. This is also a great book to read this time of year or anytime that you want to recall all Jesus suffered and went through so that we have the gift of salvation. This is one book that I’d definitely recommend for anyone that loves a great story and to see how the love of God conquers all. Come on a thrilling adventure with Maviah and her outcasts to see how one woman, a Queen turned slave again, and her Savior show that love, faith and total surrender to God is the answer to all the enemy brings against us.

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One look into his [Jesus] eyes would surely bend the knee of the strongest warrior or exalt the heart of the lowest outcast. One whisper from his lips might hush the cries of a thousand men or dry the tears of a thousand women. 

—Ted Dekker, A.D. 33

A.D. 33

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