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How can you put on muscle without your Body Beast worksheet? Keep track of the weights and the reps with the official Body Beast worksheet.  Download them here.

Body Beast is one of Beachbody’s newest exercise program and it’s sure to be one of the most popular home workouts from Beachbody, competing with the famous P90X and Insanity.  Body Beast is a totally different kind of workout and completely different from P90X and Insanity. It is one of the first body building programs made for you to use at home on DVD, no more going to the gym. Body building was very popular in the 80’s with Arnold Schwarzenegger and is starting to make a comeback today.

Do I need the Body Beast Worksheet?

Of course you do! Body Beast comes with the worksheets, but if you’re like most people you will lose yours, sorry – misplace them.  Or they will get marked up and you may have forgotten to make copies of them when they were nice and clean and new so you had some extras around if you needed them.  I always liked having a few extra copies of the worksheets around for all the above reasons and for future use when I do these programs again, because who knows how available they will be in the future.  I also like to have a digital copy that I can print out whenever I need them.  Well here you are, right now this is the only official Beachbody version of the Body Beast worksheet:

Click the image below to download:

Body Beast Worksheets

Click to download the Body Beast Worksheets




Body Beast looks like a great program and if you always wanted to put on some muscle and burn some fat (who hasn’t?) Body Beast is for you.  Check out this short video to see what it’s like.


If you’re wondering what the program is like, you can always download the Body Beast worksheet and preview what exercises are done on each day and get a feel for the workout program, lots of people do this and it does give you a good idea of what’s in store if you’re thinking about getting it.

If you want to check out Body Beast some more, click on the pictures below and check out all the options available, so far there are 4 different options, from the basic package to a couple upgraded versions and a Challenge Pack.  I know I’ve been eyeing Body Beast and I have even downloaded the Body Beast worksheets myself to check out the workouts.  We already have P90X2 and Insanity to try, but my wife, Ally, is really petitioning for us to give Body Beast a try, so this may be my next workout program!

Check out the Body Beast packages

Check out the Body Beast packages


Thanks for reading and I hope this helps.

Yours in health,

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17 thoughts on “Body Beast Worksheet – Go BIG, But Don’t Forget These!

  • Richard Thacker

    How do I download the workload sheet for huge Beast and Lean Beast with the block 1, Block 2, and Block 3.
    I ordered the body beast program about a month ago

    My email is above

    • Bruce Charest

      Hi Richard, Thank you for the comment.I’m going to send them to you as an attachment in an email. Thanks for providing your email!
      p.s. – How is the program going? I can’t wait to do it again, but I think I’m going to try Hammer & Chisel when it comes out.

    • Bruce Charest

      Hi Hank, did you click on the image in the middle of the post that showed the worksheets? I just double checked the link, and it appears to be working. Let me know, if it doesn’t work for you for any reason, let me know and I’ll email you them.

  • Curt Merrow

    I just received my Body Beast system in the mail, but don’t have any body beast worksheets. Can you email me a pdf copy so I can print out and take with me? (I can get them through the image, but at that point I can’t print them.)

    Thanks in advance,
    Curt M.

    • Bruce Charest

      Hi Curt, you can download them right from the article ( that you commented on. If you scroll to the image of the worksheets, you can click on it and it will open up a PDF for the worksheets, and you can download them there, or you can right click on the image and then download it.
      I hope this helps,

      • Curt Merrow

        Thanks. It took a few times loading, but finally let me download. I think the problem was my low internet speed.

        Thanks for the help and fired up!!!

  • Gary Duffield

    I got the beast body about seven weeks ago and it is great! I saw where I can option to do the Tempo workout but I didn’t get that dvd. Was I suppose to get that? I did get two of the books and a 4 dvd set, was the extra book in place of the Tempo dvd?

    • Bruce Charest

      Hi Gary, thanks for the message. I was looking into this and was wondering what Body Beast package you got? The basic package doesn’t include the Tempo workouts, however the deluxe package does. If you purchased the deluxe package and did not receive it, you can give Beachbody a call and they will send you the disk, free of charge. If you are a coach, you can call coach relations at (800)240-0913, if you’re not a coach, you can still try this number, they should be able to help.
      If you didn’t get the deluxe package and want to get the Tempo DVD you can order it separately from Beachbody, you can click this link and it will take you to it:
      I hope this helps Gary. I saw that your email is “spinedoc333” – are you a chiropractor??
      Have a great day and God bless,


        • Bruce Charest

          Retired?? I’m in the process right now, though still practicing. I’m working on building this online business, to bring my wife home first, then to retire myself. I’d rather help people build their health from the comfort of my home, or anywhere I choose (that I have internet access!).

  • Jerry Rubio

    I bought BodyBeast over a year ago. I’ve done the Bi’s and Tri’s/Chest disk, but I’ve never read the entire book and am confused on When to use Build vs Bulk. I know,I take shortcuts (my bad). If its too hard to explain the order, at least tell me where the explanation is in Print.

    • Bruce Charest

      Hi Jerry,
      It does seem a little confusing on which workout to use, and I was a little confused at first as well. However if you look in the book that came with the workout, it does have a calendar in it. The calendar tells you which workout to do on which days, and yes the workouts change, so it’s a great idea to follow the workouts on the calendar to get the best results.

  • Alonzo

    Hi, my name is Alonzo, I just received the BBwork out but no work out sheets. I tried to download but no luck could you email them to me Thanks

    • Bruce Charest

      Hi Alonzo, in the middle of that post is a picture of the workout sheets, just click on the picture and it will open up a new page with the worksheet pdf. Then you can just download that, or you can right click on the picture and “save as.”
      Easy peasy, have fun with the workout!