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Body Beast Equipment



Body Beast Equipment

As we get into the last month of our current workout; Les Mills Pump, my wife and I are looking into what workout we’re going to do next. We may do a one month program (Brazil Butt Lift- yes, I got talked into it.) then we’re going to jump into Body Beast.  There is some Body Beast equipment that you’re going to need to do the workout program that you may or may not have around the house. Chances are that you have most of these, but I know we don’t have everything, and I wanted to share the list just in case you might be missing some also.


Body Beast equipment, what you have to have and don’t have to have.

I don’t have the Body Beast workout yet, but according to Beachbody’s website you will need certain Body Beast equipment to do this, which includes:

  • A bench or a premium stability ball
  • EZ-curl bar with weight plates
  • Dumbbells
  • Chin up bar or resistance bands with a door attachment


We have a few stability balls but we’re thinking about getting a bench or maybe two.  At the Beachbody store website they have a section called Equipment and Gear, and within that sections is another one titled Body Beast Equipment.  In here they have a very nice bench from PowerBlock, but we would like something that wouldn’t take up so much space, especially if we get one for each of us.  I found on the PowerBlock website a folding Travel Bench that looks good to us, because it might just fold up enough to put under the bed when we’re not using them.  CLICK on the picture below, then click on home use, then click on benches.  This is the same company that makes the bench one from the Beachbody store, this one is called a Travel Bench and it’s  just a smaller version that folds up for taking with you (if you were a trainer) or for easier storage.


PowerBlock Travel Bench


EZ_Curl_Bar Body Beast Equipment – EZ curl bar


We do have some weight from the Les Mills Pump workout that we are currently doing, but we don’t have an EZ-curl bar, the LMP bars are straight and the EZ-curl bars have some curves to them that take the stress off your joints and work your arms a little more. So this is another item we’re going to have to get.



An integral piece of Body Beast equipment is the dumbbells, we’re blessed to have a set of PowerBlock dumbbells that go up to 85 pounds that we’ve had for many years and they still work great and these are my favorites. Ally likes the Bowflex SelectTech dumbbells, but we don’t have these, yet.


p90x-chin-up-bar Chin Up Bar


If you don’t have a chin-up bar you can use the resistance bands, they will work you almost as well as chin-up bar, but if you can’t do many or any chin-ups, the bands may work better.   Extra Body Beast equipment that you might want to consider There are other pieces of Body Beast equipment that you might want to think about getting, or you may already have these around the house that will help you with your Body Beast workout.



chinUpMax_210x100Chin Up Max

Chin-up Max – this really helps you get more chin-up reps, and if you can’t do any, this will help you get the most out of doing chin-ups.

Power StandsPower Stands
PowerStands – these are great for getting a little more range of motion in your push ups, and they are very stable.

If you need anything else like the exercise (resistance) bands, or the stability ball or anything else you can think of CLICK HERE to go to the Beachbody store to check out their equipment section on the left hand side of the page. This isn’t an exhaustive list of all that you need or could want for Body Beast equipment or for equipment for your home gym, but it’s a great start.  Remember that when you get good quality equipment it will last you for years, for example my PowerBlock dumbbells are probably 12 to 14 years old, my P90X videos are at least 10 years old.  Make a good solid investment, buy smart and get what you need. I hope this helps and thank you for reading.


Yours in health,


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