Bad Roots

Perhaps we are a good tree ready to bear good fruit, but we are planted and drawing from the same source as poisonous trees do. Well, we cannot draw in poison and bear good fruit, so we need to have the eyes to see what we are feeding off of to know if it is taking the life out of us or putting it in.

We can ask God to help us to discern and know our surroundings and allow us to have the strength to move to a healthier area if we need to. Just like any “well established” tree, if it’s been in that ground, even if it was unhealthy, the transplant will be difficult, but God can sustain us for the move and supply us with all that we need to grow in our new home. The move in the end will yield a better life, good fruit for all to enjoy and it can allow us to be nourished by God, for His glory.

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