About Us

Hello, and welcome! P413Life.com was envisioned and built by Drs. Bruce and Ally (Alexandria) Charest, and we made this site to help as many people as we can, not only physically, but spiritually, but now let me give you some information about us.

Bruce was born in New Hampshire many years ago, and in the last few years has moved from sunny Florida to the Tulsa area of Oklahoma.  Rewind many years to 1996, when one of the most pivotal events in my life happened, I met my wife, Ally, in the Air Force, in Tucson Arizona.  After knowing each other for only 5 months, we were married in Sedona, Arizona.  We are celebrating our 20th anniversary this year (2016).  We are always together and most of our marriage we’ve worked together also.  I give this amazing woman credit for helping me get back into shape and exercising. I always thought I would motivate her, but it was the other way around, she motivated me to get back into shape. She is also responsible for helping me return to school, become a Doctor of Chiropractic, and most importantly helping me find my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.



Now about Dr. Ally, (this may have to re-written as I’m writing about her and she isn’t writing this section).  Of course I think she is the most beautiful woman I have ever seen, and a she is a very dedicated woman as well.  She was born in Saigon, Vietnam and moved to Texas at a very young age where she spent most of her life.  Ally was also in the Air Force, and ended up in Tucson after spending a year in Korea.  Ally was pre-med in school before joining the Air Force, and after we met, she decided to become a Chiropractor with me.  We helped each other through school, and eventually moved to Florida.

We left the Air Force and went to Chiropractic College in Dallas Texas, and I’m still in private practice today.  I have always worked out and exercised in some sort since the age of 15. I would have to say that fitness and strength has come easy for me, until I entered my 30’s, when things started to change, and not for the good.  You could say that with the addition of a wife and a new profession, came the addition of extra pounds and inches.  Please check out My Fitness Journey for the rest of that story.

What is the P413Life? It’s a life living in accordance of knowing who we are in Christ Jesus, our Savior. It’s living by the authority He gave us in His name, in every area of our lives. We hope to serve and equip you for the battle we face each day, by sharing how we are overcomers, that ALL things are possible with God and that we CAN do ALL things through Christ. We believe the P413Life is the life Jesus died so that we might have.

God bless and yours in health,
Bruce & Ally