8 Pack Abs? Can You Get Em? 4


8 Pack Abs?

8 pack abs?

I thought 6 pack abs was great, how do I get an 8 pack? Well I hate to tell you that not everyone can get 8 pack abs, almost everyone can get a 6 pack, but an 8 pack is a little different, let me tell you why. Some people think that a 6 pack comes from hard work and 8 pack abs comes from even harder work, well that is partially true.


8 pack abs, it’s in the genes:

What makes someone have an 8 pack and someone else have a 6 pack is determined by their muscle structure and what is called the arcuate line.  Ok let me give a watered-downed anatomy lesson of the abs.  People know that the actual abs that you see are technically called the rectus abdominis muscle, but some of these other structures most people don’t know.  The line down the middle of your abs is called the Linea alba, and when you look at someone who has great abs you’ll notice that it looks like the abs disappear around their navel or just below it.  This place where the abs look like they disappear is called the arcuate line, this line and the physical shape of the rectus abdominis muscle (how many packs you have) determine if you have a 6 pack or an 8 pack.  What happens at the arcuate line is that one of the 3 layers of connective tissue surrounding your abs (external oblique, internal oblique and transverses abdominis muscle) that lies behind the upper abs, now comes in front of the lower abs at the arcuate line (the transverses abdominis muscle connective tissue) and it blurs out the definition of the lower abs. So if you have another pack down here, you won’t be able to see them.  What this all means is that it doesn’t matter how hard you work your abs, if you have a 6 pack you won’t be able to make it an 8 pack abs.  It is the structure that you’re born with that determines if you have a 6 pack or an 8 pack abs.


8 pack abs, how do you know what you have?

How do you know if you have a 6 or an 8 pack abs? First you have to see them to know what you got.  This is where the hard work part comes in.  In order to see your abs you really only need two things, low body fat and the muscles.  Sounds simple right, well if it was the case 6 and 8 pack abs would be the norm and everyone would have them!  I have to be honest, my abs is the hardest part for me, and when I see them I know I’m getting into shape.  I think that’s the case with most people.  Of these two things, one or the other is tough for most people, some it’s the diet and others it’s the exercising, and very few have an easy time with both.


8 pack abs, what works the best to get them?

Ok, here is where my bias comes in; I’m going to tell you where I think you can get an 8 pack abs or a 6 pack set of abs. I like things to be easy and I don’t want to reinvent the wheel, let’s use what works for others and chances are they will work for you.  So what do I think will work? A great exercise program, one that has a great diet program with it, and one that you will enjoy so you will stick with it and accomplish your goals.  I personally like P90X and Les Mills Combat, these are what I’ve done and I know they work.  P90X-2InsanityTurbo FireRev Abs and the other Beachbody workouts will work you just as hard, maybe harder, and they will give you awesome results also.  These programs are designed to work and they come with nutrition guides and diet plans, most have strength training to develop the muscles, cardio to burn the fat, and stretching to keep you flexible.  You just have to choose which program you like, they are all a little different and they all specialize in a different area and work you differently.  Part of my job as a Beachbody coach is to help you find the one that fits you best.

To get your 6 or 8 pack abs work hard on your exercising and your nutrition and they will show, pick a workout that you’ll enjoy and you’ll get great results.  And like unwrapping a Christmas present, who knows what you’ll have… a 6 or an 8 pack abs, but they will be all yours and all because of your hard work. You will be among the very few people that won’t be afraid to show your abs at the beach.












Yours in health and the quest for abs,

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4 thoughts on “8 Pack Abs? Can You Get Em?

  • Alvaro

    Hey Bruce! So I want a slim, but ripped build and not really sure how to go about getting it. I don’t want to bulky, but a build like Taylor Lautner during his stint with twilight or Sean Faris and Cam Gigandet during Never Back Down. But once again, not sure how to get ripped/toned without throwing on the bulk. Any advice would be appreciated!

    • Bruce Charest

      Hi Alvaro, thanks for the comment. Most of the Beachbody workouts will not get you “bulky,” except something like Body Beast or the new Hammer and Chisel. Looking at the actors that you named, they all are muscular, and they are lean. To get this look you need to put on muscle, however do not be worried about bulking up, that is not as easy as some make it sound. Bulking up and gaining big muscles takes a lot of food, and lifting a lot of weight, not to mention a great deal of effort. If you look at the typical body that people get from doing something like P90X (search google for P90X results), that seems to be the type of look you are after. Don’t worry about gaining muscle, this is what gives you the shape, however diet will be very important in getting you ‘ripped.”
      Thanks again for the comment Alvaro, I’m going to be posting on some great fat loss diets that will get you ripped, be on the look out for them.
      God bless,

  • Will

    Hi Bruce, i am 135lb and between 10-15% body fat. my abs are starting to show more and more and i im getting antsy to know if i can have an 8 pack or not. after reading your article which is very informative im still left with the question, can i get an 8 pack. i dont want to be the guy with a 6 pack and a huge plateau on my pelvis. the separation from abs to oblique is coming in and in right lighting you can see my definition a bit. my Linea Alba runs from the top of my mid section/rib cage, u know under the pec and it goes 4 inches below my belly button. at this point only under proper side light it shows but like i said im keen on knowing what my potential is. there is also very little definition on both sides under my bellybutton (like its slightly raised) and i can see a different line that i would think its the start of the pelvic muscle. anyways hope u understand and happy to hear from you and answer questions to help understand my situation better
    Thanks, Will

    • Bruce Charest

      Hi Will, thank you for your comment. First congratulations and great job on all the hard work you have done! I’m not sure what to tell you if you will or won’t have 8-pack abs, everyone is different. Some people have very symmetrical abs, even on both sides, while others (me included) the abs don’t line up perfectly. To me it’s not which is better, a 6 or an 8 pack, it’s the development and the definition of the abs that matter. To really notice your abs, and be able to know what you got, you need to be below 10 % body fat, and that can be the hard part. Whatever you have, a 6 or 8-pack, that’s the way God designed you, make the best of it.