21 Day Fix Upper Fix Review: What are the pros and drawbacks?

21 Day Fix Upper Fix Review21 Day Fix Upper Fix Review

21 Day Fix Upper Fix Review

Today was my first time doing this workout. WOW! My shoulders were screaming! This workout had both a modifier and someone on bands, seen in the picture above. The workout was challenging for me and I was doing mostly modified moves, but don’t let the modifications fool you, you can still feel the burn on each workout. For those that aren’t modifying, you will definitely feel like you’re getting a tough workout.


The Upper Fix moves

The moves in this workout included strength training for the shoulders, arms, the back, chest, and abs. This is a resistance training based workout, so you will need some weights or bands. The moves are classic moves we’ve done before, but Autumn puts her own spin on it and by that I mean that she has you doing them in a certain rhythm for a period of 60 seconds per move. I love when she reminds us that we can do anything for 60 seconds! I have enough trouble doing push ups on my toes, but then she has us doing them for 60 seconds and for some that may not sound long, but it’s the pace combined with the time that really knocks this one out of the ball park.


The Pros of Upper 21 Day Fix Upper Fix

It’s a tough workout. I like the structure of the workout, because Autumn breaks it up into “doable” clusters. There are two phases and each phase has two rounds with breaks, very short breaks between the move and then slightly longer ones between the rounds. Just when you think you can’t go on, there’s still 30 seconds to go! The good news is that it is only 60 seconds, so you do your best on each exercise to endure and persevere. I also like the moves Autumn selected for the various body parts, challenging, but not excessively difficult for any beginner.


The Drawbacks of 21 Day Fix Upper Fix

The design of the short time frame still leaves little time at the end of a thorough stretch, so if you have areas of injury or battle with areas that are prone to injury, you will want to take an extra few minutes when the program is over to give your body a really good cool down and stretch. I really like the short workouts, so it’s understandable that some things had to be shortened to compensate. Considering we can do our own warm up and cool down on days we feel we need a little more, this is not a deal breaker for the workout.


Overall impression of 21 Day Fix Upper Fix

I like this workout. I felt like it was just enough to give me a great workout, even doing the modified version and yet short enough for my busy schedule and my rather short attention span. You can expect to get results with this workout, but keep in mind the extra time for warming up and cooling down for those that need it. Prevention is always important to anyone that wants to stay consistent in their workout routine. Thanks so much for joining me today for my 21 Day Fix Upper Fix Review and I look forward to seeing you again soon to review the next workout!


Yours in fitness and good health,


If you’d like to learn more about the new 21 Day Fix program, please click here or on the image below!

21 Day Fix Upper Fix Review

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