21 Day Fix Preview- Sold out in less than 1 WEEK!


 21 Day Fix Preview- Sold out in less than 1 WEEK! 



21 Day Fix SOLD OUT!

Great new workout from Beachbody with their newest super star trainer Autumn Calabrese! Beachbody and Autumn were expecting a good turnout for the sales of their newest Beachbody workout, 21 Day Fix, but the sales floored everyone because it actually sold more copies in it’s debut than P90X3 and Focus T25! As a matter of fact, they sold out! No joke! I’ve not heard of them selling out of a product so close to it’s launch date. At this time, the only orders being filled are for Challenge Packs!*


21 Day Fix Preview

We know fellow coaches that went through the test program and had really great results in 21 days. We’re really excited about both the workout program and the portion-control help this new program offers. Here is a short preview of Beachbody’s NEWEST workout 21 Day Fix!



What comes in the 21 Day Fix Workout?

There are two different workout packages you can purchase, besides the challenge pack option. Please click the links below to see more about each package option and what is included.

21 Day Fix Essentials (Base) Kit

21 Day Fix Ultimate Kit

21 Day Fix Challenge Pack


Forming Test Groups NOW!

I (Ally) will be doing the 21 Day Fix beginning on February 24, 2014. We will be hosting support groups for both programs in the month of February. If you haven’t started a new program or set a plan to get healthy and in great shape, you are welcome to join us. Whether it’s the great new 21 Day Fix program or another program, we have a support and accountability group for each Beachbody program that’s out there and we can help you find the one that’s right for you. If you need some help, some support, guidance and accountability, please email me at getfitwitihally@gmail.com or leave a comment on here.


We hope that this 21 Day Fix preview has helped you to get to know the newest Beachbody program a little better. Thanks for stopping by and checking out or blog. If you think this might benefit someone you know, please share this with them and feel free to leave your comments below.


Yours in Christ and good health,
Bruce and Ally


To learn more about it or pre-order your copy, please click here or on the image below. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

21 Day Fix Preview

*Please click on this 21 Day Fix link for more details regarding cost and shipping information of 21 Day Fix Challenge Packs.

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