21 Day Fix Lower Fix Review: Is this just another lower body workout?

21 Day Fix Lower Fix Review21 Day Fix Lower Fix Review


21 Day Fix Lower Fix Review: What you can expect.

The Lower Fix workout includes a modifier and someone on bands. It requires weights, a light set and a heavier set and it concentrates on, well, the lower body. I’m not a fan of lunges, though I like the results it gives me, so it’s good the whole workout was only 30 minutes and there weren’t a ton of lunges in this workout like there are in some programs. It was intense, but as Autumn reminds us, we can do anything for 60 seconds.


Lower Fix Breakdown

The 21 Day Fix Lower Fix workout has four rounds with two exercise per round. There are 15 second breaks between each exercise. Autumn throws in a few surprises that will have you wanting to surrender, but don’t give up, because it will be worth it in the end. She also throws in a nice surprise at the end of the workout…one that will have you perhaps saying not such nice things about her, but at the same time, you know that you’re going to look great and love her later.


Lower Fix Plus

The thing I liked about the lower fix workout was that it hit the lower body a lot and was a good range of exercise to target all the lower body muscles. Autumn mixes the exercise up well, to give certain muscles a break, but that’s not until have she makes sure you earn each rest! Sometimes we can find that some workouts will leave off the inner or outer thighs, calves, etc, but this workout targeted them all and boy, do you feel the burn when it’s over.


Lower Fix Negatives

Aside from the limited warm-up and cool down, I’ve mentioned on my previous reviews, I don’t really have any negatives to comment on here. Some may find her “bonuses” to be a negative and my muscles would have agreed with you during the workout, but we both know that the extra work will reap nice results when the soreness wears off.


Overall Impressions for the 21 Day Fix Lower Fix Review

I’ll be honest, I was really feeling it during the workout, it was hard and my muscles were screaming! Also, I was doing the modified version, so you can definitely get a great workout with this one. Autumn did a great job making sure I’d have trouble walking today from all the muscle soreness, but hey, results are what we’re here for, right? I wasn’t sure how good of a lower body workout this would be, but she had me using muscles that I don’t normally remember to target in my workouts. Be ready for lunges, squats, intensity, fun, and be sure to bring your “never surrender” attitude, you’re gonna need it for this one! So, is this just another lower body workout? Yes and no. Some can see it as the same old exercise that you see in so many other programs, but I think it’s the time, timing, and layout of the program that makes it more effective than other lower body workouts that I’ve tried. Not to knock other programs, that’s not my intention, because there are good things to be said about other workouts and programs, it’s just that I think this one is unique in how it’s laid out for maximum results in just 3 weeks! You may just have to try it for yourself to see what I mean.


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21 Day Fix Lower Fix Review

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