21 Day Fix Essentials Kit -What’s the BIG DEAL ANYWAY?!


21 Day Fix Essentials Kit

21 Day Fix Essentials Kit


What is the 21 Day Fix Essentials?

This is a great NEW Beachbody program that can help you lose up to 15 pounds in 21 days! Sick of and confused by counting calories? No worries, now you won’t have to! Tired of spending hours in the gym to see little or no results? Good news, no you can spend 30 minutes a day in the comfort of your own home and get amazing results! What’s the trick?

How does the 21 Day Fix Essentials work?

No trick, it’s about consistency, balanced workouts and nutrition and portion-control. How do you control your portions and know you are eating the right amounts? The 21 Day Fix Essentials kit comes with easy and convenient containers. They are color-coded to help you know which foods to eat in what amounts. You pick the color container, the food designated for that portion size (provided in the nutrition guide) and off you go, but more importantly, off goes the weight! It’s simple, easy and very effective!


What are the benefits to the 21 Day Fix Essentials Kit?

No more guess work! It’s all laid out for you and super easy to follow! Oh! and did I mention that it’s only 3 weeks long?! That’s right, 21 days to a new and healthier you! It comes with a no questions asked money back guarantee if you’re not happy with it or your results. Don’t miss out on this great new program that could help you get ready for Spring, never mind Summer and bikini season. While others will be gearing up soon to get ready for the coming seasons, you will be on your way!* Try it for yourself and see what all the rave is about and why it out sold P90X3 and Focus T25 in it’s opening debut!


Need accountability during your 21 Day Fix transformation?

We offer free online support for anyone who purchase the workout through our website and signs up to have us as your FREE coach! We host online support groups to help keep you on track and accountable to your goals. We will be with you each step of the way in your journey. We will be there to answer any questions you have, support you, motivate you and encourage you! Just be sure either of our names (Bruce or Ally Charest) shows up on your enrollment screen, let us know in an email that you ordered the product and when you plan on beginning your program. We also would love to get to know you, to find out how we can best help you reach your goals. We will send you over a short questionnaire to find out more about you, where you are starting, and what your goals are. We are here to help you any way we can to live the life God created for you to live! Let’s now take a look at what you’ll get with the 21 Day Fix Essentials kit.


So, what’s included in the 21 Day Fix Essentials Kit?**

Free Gifts
Start Here Guide with Workout Calendar
3-Day Quick Fix***
Eating Plan**
24/7 Online Support***

7 Workouts on 2 DVDs only
Dirty 30 Workouts***
Total Body Cardio Fix
Upper Fix
Lower Fix
Pilates Fix
Cardio Fix
Yoga Fix

7 color-coded portion control containers
Shakeology shaker cup
Recommended Equipment: Yoga Mat or Beachbody Yoga Blocks are helpful but not required to do this program
Required Equipment: Dumbbells or resistance bands are needed for certain workouts


We look forward to helping you reach your health and fitness goals! Please stay tuned for my upcoming results from this great new workout. If you benefited from this post please share it with others or if you have any questions or comments, please feel free to post them below. Thanks!

Yours in Christ and good health,


Click here or on the image below to order your copy today!


*Note: And if you are reading this post sometime in the future and you’re approaching or in the middle of the holiday season, you can use this to help you not gain all that extra and unwanted weight during the holidays!

**Comes with a 30-day money back guarantee

***Free Gifts with purchase to keep

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