2013 Books That I Have Read On Personal Development

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2013 Books That I Have Read On Personal Development

The following are the 2013 books that I have read on personal development. Our mental, emotion, and spiritual growth can stop growing if we are not actively seeking new ways to challenge ourselves to be better each day. Why personal development? Because my desire is to be better with each passing day. I hope to hear those words from Jesus one day, “Well done, thou good and faithful servant…” as I’m sure many people do. My goal is to read books that will increase my faith and help equip me to be a better follower of Jesus, wife, mom to our little fur babies, daughter, sister, and friend. I’d also like to be a better business woman, taking my faith into the business world and not treating the two as though they are some how mutually exclusive. Without God, there is no true or lasting success.

 Some of the titles that I will list are not available in books, only on CD. I will provide an Amazon link for all that can be found on Amazon, which usually has the best prices and the link to the appropriate website for all the ones not found there. As I mentioned with the faith building books, some of these I listened to on audiobooks, through iTunes, but the cost of paperback books is much less, so I’m sharing the links to the paperback books instead. From that link, if it’s on Amazon, you can then choose if you’d like hardcover, paperback, Kindle version or on audio, if applicable.

My hope is that this list of 2013 books that I have read on personal development will somehow help you to increase your faith, as well as grow in all the ways that you feel will help you to serve God better each day.

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2013 Book That I Have Read On Personal Development:

Go Pro! ~Eric Worre


Crush It!  ~Gary Vaynerchuk


15 Invaluable Laws of Growth  ~John C. Maxwell


Failing Forward  ~John C. Maxwell


Everyone Communicates, Few Connect  ~John C. Maxwell


Developing The Leader Within You  ~John C. Maxwell


Biscuits, Fleas, and Pump Handles  ~Zig Ziglar (this one is an Mp3 download)


Ziglar On Selling  ~Zig Ziglar


The 4-Hour Work Week  ~Timothy Ferriss



How To Win Friends & Influence People In the Digital Age  ~Dale Carnegie


Awaken The Giant Within  ~Anthony Robbins


Go For No  ~Fenton & Waltz


No Excuses!  ~Brian Tracy


Lioness Arising  ~Lisa Bevere


Goals!  ~Brian Tracy


Tribes: We Need You To Lead Us  ~Seth Godin


Switch: How To Change Things When Change Is Hard  ~Chip Heath & Dan Heath


Great Copywriting





Great Copywriting ~John Carlton (listened to a podcast on iTunes)


Mastering The Seven Decisions  ~Andy Andrews


The Traveler’s Gift  ~Andy Andrews


The Final Summit  ~Andy Andrews


The Lost Choice  ~Andy Andrews


The Noticer Returns  ~Andy Andrews


Selling With Noble Purpose  ~Lisa Earle McLeod


Available on CD only:







6 Figures In 6 Months  ~Dani Johnson (cd set)







Unlimited Success  ~Dani Johnson (cd set) -now sold as a bundle for a better value







Magnetic Influence  ~Dani Johnson (cd set)







Prospecting and Closing  ~Dani Johnson (cd set)

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