My 10-Minute Trainer Review

My 10-Minute Trainer Review

10 Minute Trainer ReviewMy 10-Minute Trainer Review

I don’t like long titles, but this really should be called “My 10-Minute Trainer review and how I used the 10-minute trainer to jump start my new fitness journey.” Because that is exactly what happened to me.  I won’t give you all the details here, but you can read more about it in my fitness journey. I used to be in better shape, and life got in the way; I was getting older and out of shape.  Well my wonderful wife stepped in, with her help and Shakeology I lost weight and wanted to start working out.  I wanted to do P90X again but I wasn’t sure I could because I was out-of-shape and didn’t think I could find the time.  This is where my wife Ally comes in, she convinced me to try the 10-minute trainer.  My argument about having NO TIME was just squashed, because I knew I could find 10-minutes. So I decided to give it a go.

10-Minute Trainer review: The Workouts

The workouts in 10-minute trainer were good, I felt that I had gotten a good workout, especially for just starting back into exercising.  The great part was the workouts were so fast-paced. Tony kept me moving from one exercise to another and in order to work your body in 10-minutes, it had to be fast. After doing the workouts a few times it was much easier to keep up the pace. It also helped getting a few workouts under my belt, I knew what to expect and the workouts were even better.  All the workouts were great; I liked the yoga stretching and the abs workout the best.  I guess the best thing about the 10-Minute Trainer workouts was that by the time you were getting into it or starting to get tired you were done.  Some of the workouts went by super fast.  It was definitely easy to fit these into my day.  After a couple of weeks of this I was feeling like I could take on more of a challenge, so every now and then I would do two of the workouts, now doing 20 minutes per day.


10-Minute Trainer Review: Onward and Upward

I don’t remember exactly how long I stayed with the 10-Minute Trainer, probably a little over a month, and the exercise bug bit me again, so I jumped back into P90X. I’m not sure if I would have made it as far with P90X if I didn’t do the 10-Minute Trainer first. I got into the habit of exercising again and was looking forward to working out. I really liked P90X the first time I did it and got great results. I knew it would do the same for me again, if I could stick with it.  I honestly think that if I had jumped straight into P90X after such a long time off, I would have quit, either due to time or injuries or just exhaustion.


My 10-Minute Trainer review is probably different than any other you will read about on this workout, but this is how it worked out for me and it was a great tool to help propel me towards my goals. I have even used some of the workouts by themselves when I didn’t have time to put 45 minutes into a workout or when I wanted a good quick stretch.

So the verdict on my 10-Minute Trainer review, it is definitely worth getting and like I tell a lot of people, the great thing about these DVDs is that you buy them once and you have them for a long time. They are there when you need them. I’ll end this by asking you what my wife asked me, in regards to limited time to workout: “You can find 10 minutes in a day to change your health and life, can’t you?” My answer was yes, what’s yours?


Yours in health,


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My 10-Mintue Trainer Review

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